Q&A: FIFA Soccer 09

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EA Sports seems for being planning a lot for the 2010 iteration of the company's long-running FIFA series, with FIFA 19 Coins FIFA 09 supposedly coming filled with "250 key additions and improvements." We spoke to FIFA 09 PS3 and Xbox 360 producer David Rutter about what the fundamental changes is going to be, and attemptedto confirm whether Australia's A-League are going to be back being a playable competition. For much more about FIFA 09, take a look at our new preview.
GameSpot AU: First of all, could you confirm whether Australia's A-League is back inside game?
David Rutter: Yes, Australia's A-League was in FIFA 09. It debuted in FIFA 08 because Australia is a vital football nation and one on the hallmarks individuals franchise is our authenticity.
GS AU: How many different national leagues/nations maybe you have planned for the 2011 game? Any significant additions?
DR: We have 30 leagues and around 40 national teams from the game this current year, like the Australian national side that is fully licensed with correct kits, badges, and player names. If you want to learn more about FIFA 19 Coins, please continue to keep an eye on
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