Should you choose your real estate agency according to the amount of the fees?

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On average the agency fees oscillate between 3 to 8% of the property. These costs are justified by the costs implemented by the agency for the transaction to take place. But why such a difference in rates to sell the same good? Explanations.

"Commission" or "Fees"?

Fees set by real estate agencies generally correspond to a percentage of the selling price that may vary depending on the price of the property. These costs are justified by the costs implemented by the agency for the transaction to take place, in particular through various and varied services. But where does this difference in pricing come from?
"I prefer that we use the term" fees "and not" commissions "because I consider that our job is to offer services, like a lawyer or a doctor. While there is a difference in fees, it must be understood that there is a range of services that not all agencies offer. We must explain this to the customer so that he understands what these fees take into account, " says Jean-Philippe Blanche, director of the agency

Indeed, digitization has had a considerable impact on the services offered to the individual. The communication is not the same for example. Real estate agencies must always use traditional channels such as physical prospecting, flyers ... but also be present on the web to make themselves known, put forward announcements ... Services evolve, and agencies must meet the growing needs of individuals.

An important point but not decisive

Marion, who bought her apartment last year was indeed very attentive to this point: " the important criteria for me are the reputation of the agency, its activity, and responsiveness but also the fees. I understand the work of Realtors, but I do not always understand the difference in rates. I think that fees are anxiety for us individuals and that agencies should all be transparent to individuals and interact with them. Explaining the differences in services, saving time, for example about the sales agreement and the authentic act, would help individuals to see more clearly. "

Others, like Marie-Eve, who sold her property last year in the suburbs of Lyon, say that she was not very attentive to this point: " I confess that the rates have not been my criterion of selection, as long as it remained correct. The most important thing for me is the feeling that my husband and I had with the real estate agent who was available and pedagogue from the start. "

Johana, a resident of Toulouse, is more mixed on the question: " the fees are important for me, but they pass in 2nd position, after the reputation of the agency. For me, I prefer to pay a little more if my sale is guaranteed. I think there may not be enough pedagogy at the level of commission differences, and that's why I would trust a reputable agency, which is according to me, I'm a pledge of efficiency. From my point of view, reputation is priceless. "


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