How to cure insomnia?

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I've always had a very light sleep, but now I can't sleep for a long time and I feel tired in the morning. I'd like to find a natural remedy for insomnia because I'm totally against sleeping pills.
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  1. Marion's Avatar
    Good afternoon. If you are looking for a reliable remedy for insomnia, CBD oil this is the best solution. It does not require consultation with a doctor and is absolutely safe for health. Probably many people who have tried CBD oil will no longer want to change this tool to another.
  2. ImagineGary's Avatar
    Hi Peper, have you tried taking Melatonin tablets. They're not sleeping pills. Melatonin is the chemical in the brain that activates the sleep cycle. My psychology professor recommended it in college. Melatonin capsules are fairly inexpensive and don't have side effects.
  3. MFisc's Avatar
    @ImagineGary I have never heard about it mate ! I tried CBD oil and it helpd me before mby i will try those malationin tablets
  4. carylouder007's Avatar
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  5. Jeckyy's Avatar
    I treated my insomnia issue by medicines but it's not good for my health in a long time. Thereby, I decided to use CBD instead & I was really surprised about its effect. I got a good sleep every night! Awesome! If you want to try, I suggest high-quality CBD products from NuLeaf Naturals.
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