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The rules of a paintball match may vary depending on the rules of the house where the paintball field is located. There are nuances to rules governing the number of players Kam Chancellor Youth Jersey , how a flag is captured, time limits, and other game details.

However, there are universal safety rules that should be followed no mater what kind of paintball game you are playing, and on no matter what kind of field you are playing on.

Plug it up.

Paintball guns come with a barrel blocking device, or plug. Use it. The plug should be inserted into the barrel whenever you are not on the playing field.

Wearing a mask is macho.

Your mask must be worn at al times during the game. There are no exceptions to this rule. Don?t take it off for any reason until all the barrel plugs have been placed back on all the guns. The most severe paintball injuries occur when a mask is removed at the wrong time.

Your gun should be loaded, not you.

This is a simple one to remember Do not drink and play. Do not play paintball if you are under the influence of any substance; illegal or prescription. You need to be fully coherent to dodge those paintballs whizzing by your head.

Do not blind fire.

Only shoot it if you can see it. Do not stick your gun out and fire without looking. You could accidentally shoot players and other things you shouldn?t.

Offer surrender.

As you can imagine, close range shots are a lot more painful than shots from a distance. You should offer surrender to any opposing player within twenty feet if you have a shot on them.

Keep paintball velocity in check.

Keep the velocity under 300 feet per second (FPS). A good rule of thumb is around the 280 range. At 280 FPS a paintball can cause a small bruise; a paintball traveling faster than that can cause more damage including severe welts and broken skin.

Common safety takes some common sense.

Finally, most problems can be avoided with the best piece of equipment that doesn?t cost a dime ? common sense. It should go without saying, but some people need to be reminded to not shoot private property, don?t shoot from a moving car, don?t look down the barrel of a gun, don?t hand someone else a loaded gun, etc.

Paintball is meant to be fun and exciting. Following some basic safety rules can help you ensure your day ends in good times, and not a trip to the emergency room.

It is interesting to note that paintball is considered to be one of the safest extreme sports in the world. While there are safety hazards and rules that prevent injuries, paintball is actually a very safe sport when compared to others like ?running with the bulls.?

Paintball sometimes gets a bad reputation because guns are being used when playing. Don?t let the equipment influence your choice to play the game! Get out there and play!
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