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Question : I HAVE been suffering from non-bacterial prostatitis for more than 10 years. The early symptom was a urinary tract infection. Lately Women's Josh Reynolds Jersey , chronic prostatitis has developed. I get a painful, burning sensation after urination. The pain now is almost constant, whether I urinate or not. My urine flow is good and I urinate normally at night. I cannot take foods such as eggs, prawns and belacan at all, I get infected the next day. The antibiotics do not help me much and I experience pain after sexual intercourse. I suspect that my prostatitis is related to my gastric problem, this has been rejected by my doctor.Answer : Non-bacterial prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland with no known cause. There are many theories about the cause of non-bacterial prostatitis -- fungi, viruses, trichomonads and obligate anaerobic bacteria have been suspected. Irritation caused by a reflux of urine flowing into the prostate may also be a cause. Pressure of the prostate against the urethra is the main cause of the urinary problems associated with the prostate. Treatment for non-bacterial prostatitis is difficult and aimed at treating the symptoms. Many patients are treated with long-term antibiotics to ensure that bacteria are not the cause of their prostatitis. However, taking long-term antibiotics will destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestine and result in chronic prostatitis. Repeated infections increase the risk of prostate cancer. Prostate enlargement and cancer are both linked to hormonal changes that occur as men get older. To manage your problem, try taking Saw Palmetto. It is effective in altering the hormone levels by increasing the breakdown and excretion of DHT that is responsible for the multiplication of prostate cells. Pumpkin Seed is a rich source of essential fatty acid, zinc and plant sterols. Zinc is essential for general growth and proper development of the reproductive organs and for normal functioning of the prostate gland. The omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids possess anti- inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, which are beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory disorders such as prostatitis. Clinical studies have shown that friendly bacteria from the family groups -- lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and streptococcus -- to be beneficial for improving digestive health, rebalancing gut microflora and modulating immune functions. Eat plenty of organically grown leafy vegetables, whole grains, raw wheat germ, freshly squeezed juices, soy beans, soy bean products, nuts and seeds. Avoid hydrogenated fats from processed foods like margarine and vegetable shortening. Avoid or limit the intake of meat, sugar, white flour and dairy products, fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol.
INCHEON, South Korea, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- An unnamed Tajikistan athlete failed the doping test and would be disqualified from the ongoing Asian Games.

A source close to the Olympic Council of Asia said on Tuesday the Tajikistan footballer failed the doping test on Sept. 14, and would be disqualified from the Incheon Asiad.

The football tournament kicked off on Sept. 14, days before the official opening of the Asian Games on Sept. 19.

by Larry Neild

LONDON, July 18 (Xinhua) -- Nearly two-thirds of people in Britain believe cows laying down on the grass is a sign it's about to rain.

It is just one of many folklore beliefs many British people have used over generations to gauge the weather. Meteorologists at the Met Office put the beliefs under the microscope, and gave their verdict Tuesday.

It seems some old-fashioned methods of predicting the forthcoming weather turned out to be true.

Over 60 percent believe cows really do lie down when it's about to rain, while three-quarters of the British public have used folklore such as "red sky at night, shepherd's delight" to predict the weather.

"The British public's fascination with the weather is well-known. We found in a new survey that the use of these sayings was more prevalent than expected, with three quarters of UK adults saying they use folklore to predict the weather," said a spokesman for the Met.

The most commonly-used were revealed to be: Red sky at night, shepherd's delight, used by 70 percent of UK adults. It can be too cold to snow used by 49 percent, Cows lie down when it is about to rain used by 44 percent, and pine cones open up when good weather is coming, used by 26 percent.

And almost a quarter believe the claim that if it rains on St Swithin's Day, July 15, it will rain on each of the next 40 days.

In total, 58 percent of UK adults think that these methods are accurate to some degree, and incredibly, almost two thirds think they can be more reliable than official forecasts.

However, nearly half of UK adults who have used traditional methods to predict the weather say they have been "caught out".

Met Office meteorologist Charlie Powell, who investigated the science behind the folklore, said: "We were blown away by just how many people use traditional methods to forecast the weather. However, some of these weather sayings are backed up by science and can help to give a sense of what sort of weather may be on its way. Others, such as cows lying down when it is about to rain, are nothing more than old wives' tales."

"But either way, none of the methods are as accurate as official forecasts and the research demonstrates that many people have been caught out by relying on weather folklore," added Powell.

So which of the folklore methods are based on science and which are simply myths?

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight, meaning good weather, is according to the Met Office, largely correct. This is because high pressure tends to lead to good weather. High pressure traps dust and dirt in the air, which scatters blue light, only leaving the red light remaining, hence the reddish appearance of the sky.

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