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You Will Love Your Shark Fishing Cape Cod Holiday June 14 Black Walter Payton Jersey , 2015 | Author: Iva Cannon | Posted in Recreation and Sports
For those lucky few that can afford to go on yearly vacations but are finding destinations to be very similar why not try something new and exciting. Shark fishing Cape Cod experiences are guaranteed to bring some sparkle back into the holiday. This is a peninsula in the state of Massachusetts in the North eastern United States.

This is a beautiful peninsula in the North-eastern United States that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. It has many wonderful beaches and during the summer months it is a very popular tourist destination. Two of the closest well known islands are Nantucket and Marthaís Vineyard. In order to get to these islands a ferry needs to be boarded.

They offer a twelve hour outing for only $1550.00 starting at four in the morning and ending at four in the afternoon. This is mainly for the shark excursions and they normally stop off at Monomoy and Nantucket to collect live and fresh bait. Fishing with live bait can attract Blue Sharks as well as Thresher sharks and Mako.

The highest point is Sankaty Head and it stands about thirty four meters about sea level. It has a total area of three hundred and four miles of which forty five square miles is land. The climate can range between warm summers and cool winters to hot and humid summers and sometime severely cold winters.

The Mako Shark can be found in both warm and cold waters and some prefer living close to the shore while others in deeper waters. They are considered to be quite aggressive especially if they find people in their territory. Just because they are a smaller size does not mean that they are scared of humans and will not attack.

Their boat is a thirty five foot Duffy and is custom made especially for fishing in deeper waters. The engine is four hundred and ninety horsepower and the top cruising speed is twenty knots. The cabin has been fitted with very comfortable bunks and there is plenty of seating in the wheel house. There is also place below deck where Giant Bluefin Tuna as well as Shark can be kept.

The boat receives annual United States Coast Guard safety inspections and also has an inflatable life raft. All life jackets will fit an adult as well as children and there are fire extinguishers and signal flairs on board as well. A searchlight and first aid kits are also stashed away in case of emergencies.

It is recommended that one brings some short waterproof boots but during March, April and May they need to be warm. Some or other boat shoes should be bought with during the warmer months as well as coolers with ice and plastic bags. Also pack whatever one is likely to eat and drink as well as cameras and donít forget the sun glasses.

If you are interested in shark fishing Cape Cod is the perfect place to go to. Find here all the detailed facts about fishing charters at http:www.ladyjsportfish.

CAPE TOWN, May 19 (Xinhua) -- The South African government is committed to an open dialogue about its nuclear program, Energy Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi said on Friday.

The government will ensure transparency and accountability during the process, Kubayi said in her budget vote speech in Parliament.

"We will review all the determinations to ensure compliance with the judgment," she said.

The minister was referring to the ruling by the Western High Court last month that orders the government to give up its nuclear program which the court says is "unconstitutional and unlawful."

The court ruled that the government must set aside the deal which would see the procurement of 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear energy.

The deal is expected to cost 1 trillion rand (about 77.5 billion U.S. dollars). The court says this is a deal that the country cannot afford.

Kubayi reiterated her department's decision not to appeal the judgment.

But Kubayi said the government will proceed with the signing of the new Inter Governmental Agreements with five countries, including Russia and the United States, in relation to nuclear cooperation and submit it to parliament within reasonable time.

South Africa is the only country in Africa that utilize advanced nuclear technology for peaceful uses and socioeconomic development.

The SA government has been trying to expand the nuclear program to make up power shortage which is expected to stall growth in gross domestic product (GDP).

The SA cabinet approved the ambitious nuclear deal in December 2015.

Preparations have been already underway for the bidding. Russia and the United States are believed to be front runners to win the bid.

The SA government reportedly has signed an agreement with the Russian state-owned nuclear corporation, Rosatom, to develop nuclear energy.

Kubayi said that as part of the government's energy mix policy, renewables remain one of the key areas to achieve the mandate of energy security.

She said her ministry "has a critical role to play in ensuring that we secure the supply of energy and petroleum in the country".

The sector currently contributes 300 billion rand (about 22.8 billion dollars) towards the country's GDP and accounts for 90,000 jobs.

"It is our considered view that this sector has potential to contribute more towards GDP and can be able to create more jobs," she said.

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