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Neither students nor their teachers love tests. However, as a homeschooling teacher, nothing can tell you where your student stands more than a test. It is the pretty obvious way to discover how many things from a school course does your student know. Sometimes you find out the student knows a lot more than you expected.
As a homeschooling parent, you may feel overwhelmed. You may also think that tests are unnecessary. However, you need to consider them because as a parent, your love for your child may blind you. It is normal for parents to think that their kids are the smartest in the world. So you can easily assume that your child is more capable and can pay more attention to education than he/she already does. Thatís why the testing is needed. Here are some methods you can use to gauge the knowledge of your child.
Assessment testing
These are often done at the beginning of each school year. They should be done on every subject independently. This will give you a great idea of how much your student has improved over time. It will also help you determine if they are ready to go to the next level of the curriculum. It will also tell you if you are moving too fast or too slow.
There are many math-related websites that help you with placement tests that are free to use. You can quickly see the areas in which your student is not as knowledgeable. It is more difficult to find writing and grammar assessments. Rarely, you will get a grammar curriculum that also comes with tests so you can easily make the final exams of the year.
For writing, start by having the pupil write a short composition on a topic. Look for how the sentences are put together and how the paragraphs are formed. You should also consider how they have used the language throughout their texts.
With foreign languages, look for outside assessment from national exam bodies. You may also construct your tests. Here, make sure you test for how well the student retains the language.
Curriculum testing
Curriculum testing is yet another way for you to check the progress of your student. This is especially relevant for sciences, math, and history. With lower grades, you can have the student narrate what they read. This is sufficient for you to understand their knowledge of the subject. However, this may not work as well for the upper grades. You need to keep track of the grades of the students especially if they wish to attend colleges. You must, therefore, create an objective form of testing what the student has learned. If you are considering purchasing tests, make sure that you purchase a workbook and reserve it to get what the student has understood in class. You may also get help from sites like uk.edusson.
Standardized testing
Standardized testing is disliked by most people, especially those who do homeschooling. Believe it or not, it is a great way for instructors to identify gaps and disabilities in knowledge acquired by students over a period. For instance, if your student does excellent in a one-on-one setting, they are consistently engaged in tests but they struggle with the ones related to math, there could be several problems. First, you must consider that the student could be suffering from dyscalculia and test anxiety. However if the student is unable to get information when you need summaries, it could be because they have a learning disability called the expressive language disorder where the information goes in, but it is difficult to get it out. When diagnosed early, this problems can be managed and give your child a fair chance to get to colleges and universities.
While the idea of testing may be scary at first, never let the anxiety take over you must make sure that you evaluate the learning progress of your child. Ensure that test is part of your homeschooling schedule. It will help your students grow faster.
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