How to Improve Your Kid's Manipulative Skills

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Manipulative skills involve moving or using an object with the hands or feet to achieve a goal or complete a task. For fine motor skills, that object might be a pencil or button. For gross motor skills, the object might be sporting equipment or toys such as bats, balls, racquets, or jump ropes. These skills are also sometimes called object-control skills.
To help develop and fine-tune these skills, you can also participate with your child in activities like these at home:

Kick it: Have kids practice kicking with a large beach ball or soft foam ball. Challenge them to kick with their preferred foot, then switch to their other foot. See if they can kick their ball from a spot you choose and hit a wall; gradually move them farther from the wall. You can also hold up a jump rope and see if they can kick the ball over it or under it.

Bowling: Start with large, lightweight pins (such as empty 2-liter soda bottles). Then move to smaller plastic bottles, add weight to large bottles or use a kids' bowling set.

Racing and bulid race car tracks: The instresting slot race car tracks can builded as the kid's imagination, all track pieces can be snaped together, order magic tracks will help to stimulate activity, imagination, innovation and basic manipulative skills. While the 2018 will passed and christmas is coming soon, buy the cheape slot car tracks from https://magictracks.us, take it as the best christmas gift for your kids would be very nice.

Strike up the band: Young children often enjoy practicing striking by drumming on pots and pans with spoons or playing with other toy musical instruments.


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