Tips to cure flu before the semester

Tips to cure flu before the semester

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Infusion of ginger
An infusion of ginger is ideal to remove the discomforts that cause the flu and is that it is considered a powerful anti-flu for the benefits it provides and that have been verified for many years. What we recommend you do is put a spoonful of ginger in a cup with water that is boiling, then you must mix it with honey and add a few drops of lemon. This is an infusion that acts as an analgesic but at the same time as antibacterial and it is for these reasons that it is one of the best remedies for the flu.

Eucalyptus sprays
If you feel very bad and do not know what to take for the flu, you should know that eucalyptus sprays are extremely effective. To do this you must place eucalyptus leaves in a container of boiling water and then put it on a surface where you can get comfortable, you must put a towel on your head so that you can absorb mostly the steam that emanates from the water you prepared before. Try to inhale what you can so you can take advantage of everything possible.

Hot liquids
The hot liquids are a very good option and that granny is quite right when they say you should take it because based on studies provide relief from a runny nose that is caused by the flu, but there is also a decrease in irritation throat, you can take them and you will see the difference.

Why drink fruit juices
When you think about what to drink for the flu, do not think only about infusions and coffee, since they can cause dehydration. Take into account that caffeine is a natural diuretic that inclines you to dehydration, that is why you must accompany your hot drinks with natural juices at room temperature, for example, you can also consume juices of vegetables and fruits. Try to have a balance in your drinks.

Infusion of garlic, honey, and lemon
An infusion that provides a great benefit can be prepared with garlic, honey, and lemon. The effectiveness arises because garlic is a natural antibiotic, known for its antiseptic properties and that is why it contributes to a large extent in the eradication of different diseases, such as influenza. You must put chopped garlic in a bowl of boiling water and add honey and a few drops of lemon.

The elderberry is another plant that you can get your hand on when you are looking for the flu because it acts in a similar way to aspirin. Among its functions is acting against fever and pain, as well as the elimination of influenza as such.

Chicken soup for flu
As stated in a site called Essay Writers UK it is likely that on more than one occasion you have heard that when you are grabbed or grips the ideal is a chicken soup because you should know that it is not a myth because it contributes greatly with the relief of the symptoms that the disease causes. It is important to mention that it lubricates the throat and reduces congestion, in fact, it is said that there are some components similar to those that have anti-flu and therefore there is a marked improvement quickly.

Another of the infusions that can be of great help is the one prepared with lemon, what you have to do is put slices of lemon in a bowl of boiling water, then add a few drops of lemon and finish mixing with a little honey.


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