Good events for betting

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Which sports events do you prefer for online betting?
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  1. Monetey's Avatar
    Any I'd say. But basically, soccer is quite popular among those ones who are involved in sports betting. But I think that you have some other problems to solve at first. For example you need to choose a decent betting platform. If you'll have some problems with that, just use to make it faster.
  2. Brugger's Avatar
    It doesn't matter. I am keen on hockey, so I do bets here by myself. But I am always able to look at sports betting tips and do bets in any sport I want. You can make any joke you want saying that it is shortsighted, but I am unshakable!
  3. Gary1944's Avatar
    Basically, these are tennis matches. And for this many reasons. Firstly, is a huge and daily choice of tennis sports betting on Secondly, there is a range of coefficients that both the beginner can play and you can earn well. Thirdly, tennis allows you to gain experience in betting, this is like the first stage
  4. StephenMarco's Avatar
    I really want to place a bet on some sports event using bet9ja. But I don’t know which is the best event to place bets on. Please help me finding the best answer for my question.
  5. hamza's Avatar
    thats looking good
  6. AntoWass's Avatar
    Well, I prefer betting on football games, provides a lot of options and sometimes I spend hours choosing the right event which is easy to predict. And by the way, it actually is much more interesting than it sounds like.