Loss of health and despair.

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Hello, everyone. I am now in a difficult situation, because I started having problems with potency. I couldn't expect this at 38 and my wife is upset too. I think that my family will break up if the problem is not solved in the near future. What do you recommend?
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  1. Marion's Avatar
    You need to calm down and read all about the treatment of erectile dysfunction with a quality generic levitra drug. Today, this medicine is considered to be one of the best solutions for safe and effective fight against impotence. But it is important to follow the instructions, and it is better to consult a doctor about the dosage.
  2. Gordon2104's Avatar
    You are too young to have such problems, my friend. Where is fairness? I thought that only old humans or totally alcoholics and drug addicted.
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  3. KevinDuraj's Avatar
    Hello, Pepper, 4.1% of all men all over the world have problems with potency after 35 so it okay, you shouldn`t be ashamed probably. You may find something interesting in this article about your problem and figure out something new. Also my advice is to do more sport and exercises for good potency.
  4. Locke's Avatar
    Non so nulla , ma so che questo ti aiuterą sicuramente. Basta dare un'occhiata e leggere tutto al riguardo. Quando ho affrontato tali problemi, mi ha aiutato molto.