MapleStory 2 Launching on October 10th!

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Nexon America today announced that MapleStory 2, an all-new MMORPG adventure set within the initial MapleStory Universe, will officially launch on October 10, 2018. Ahead of global launch, Mushking Royale Pre-Season will open from August 22, 2018 until October 1, 2018, that could allow players to produce characters and reserve names before official launch.

Set inside a colorful 3D block universe, MapleStory 2 is one in the most creative and customizable MS 2 Mesos MMORPGs available in the marketplace today. The game implements a robust list of character options, a completely new progression and growth system, and world-building tools, redefining the MMORPG genre through providing players the chance to customize everything. The game is in closed beta testing for your past 3 months.

Nexon America held the MapleStory 2 Premiere Event for the NOVO Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles on August 21, 2018 and revealed contents for launch together with post-launch. Nexon also announced the Head Start period, that will give players who got such a Founderís Pack exclusive access to the sport starting October 1, 2018 till the launch.

The game will launch having a new class, Runeblade, 12 new dungeons, and even more contents. Also, the extent cap is going to be increased from 50 to 60. MapleStory 2 already has planned Halloween and Thanksgiving events and recurring updates throughout the rest on the year to help keep providing exciting contents to players.

Starting tomorrow, Maplestory 2 is introducing Mushking Royale Pre-Season, a standalone version of the overall gameís Battle Royale mode where Maplers can play before the official launch. Name reservations will probably be available to any or all players to the official launch who be given Mushking Royale Pre-Season and produce a character.

There will probably be a volume of changes to Mushking Royale since Closed Beta 2 including:

Squad Mode: This new mode will team nearly four players who are able to battle together
New Items: Sanctuary Flare will let players heal their squad, while barricades enables Maplers to shield themselves by building brick walls to avert being hit by enemies
Royale Stats: Will let players enjoy more competition by viewing their stats, leveling up and gaining rewards

The top Mushking Royale players from each region get Founder's Packs, such as a enlightening Merets, exclusive items and access to the overall game beginning October 1st. To join Mushking Royale, download MapleStory 2 around the Nexon Launcher. When you buy MapleStory 2 Mesos from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.
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