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Recreation > Food > Mexican FoodDelicious Guacamoles is Now in Midtown at Vide Verde
Posted by vidaverdeny in Recreation on February 1st Lorenzo Carter Jersey , 2018

The best way to handle food cravings is to eat the food that you crave, but that doesn't mean that you should give in to a food that is not worth your time, we all know how we crave the guacamoles and how special and tasty it could be but we may forget to find the right places and get inferior guacamoles, to save you all the stress I will introduce you to one of the best watering hole in midtown, the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant, the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant has the best guacamoles in midtown and if you are looking for a guacamole that is different from the regular guacamoles come over to the Vida Verde, the freshly made recipe is sauced with the right condiments to give you a tasty feel, freshly loaded and served with test droppers.

The newly opened Mexican spot has always remained in the heart of every New Yorker and chef Hugo's deliciously prepared dishes has garnered the attention of everybody, apart from the loaded guacamoles there are many other options to go for on the menu, there is the delicious tacos, tortillas, sliders and many more to explore, the tasty cuisines are all ready to go with the delicious cocktails on tap and speaking of drinks Vida Verde has the most robust beer program you can ever find, their style marries NYC cocktail culture with Mexico producing one of the best drinks in Manhattan in addition to this feat they have achieved, they also brag of the biggest mescal and tequila even Mexico would be glad to have them.

When it comes to Mexica drinks there is the tasty margaritas and many more signature cocktails, the margaritas are certainly the best product and freshly served and prepared with the right ingredients or maybe you should try out the signature cocktails like Fake News and Vids Verde.

The Vida Verde Mexican restaurant has an awesome setting to complement the delicious cuisines that they prepare, there are graffiti arts on the wall and sassy color changing walls, the setting is perfect for any event that you wish to host, if you want to host a private event like a birthday party, wedding ceremony, an official meeting you can always come over to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant.

This lovely watering hole opens on Mondays to Tuesdays by 11 am to 4 am and on Wednesdays to Sundays by 11 am to 4 am, the restaurant is situated on 248 west, 55th street, the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant has proven to be the best choice offering the best guacamoles in midtown.


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What to Look For In Finest Secured Credit Playing cards

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The bank of America however has an interest rate that may be a bit on par with the opposite cards. Its annual fee is about $39, which is on the average. This bank doesnít report it unsecured to the credit bureaus.

Citi financial institution has an affordable interest rate and an excessive approval rate. Additionally, its annual charge is decrease than the other best secured credit score cards. Nonetheless, it stories its card as secured to the credit score bureaus.

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