How I Fell For a New Honda Accord

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In my driveway is a car that's almost as old as I am. A 19 year old Honda Accord automatic that's still in possession of a healthy amount of poke and ABS brakes. And the air-con still works, which is excellent given the recent muggy weather. So why would I want to change my car When I visited friends in Glasgow, Honda was the manufacturer that got me there in comfort and without a headache from a whining engine as I beetled up the M6. But one can't help wanting to move with the times, and whilst I've had years of impeccable service from the Accord I was starting to look at trendier cars with rather less than innocent intent.

There's no mistaking a car that's getting on in years, and whilst I was still more than happy with the performance, there were little indicators that the Accord was starting to feel its age. I found myself back in Pollockshields recently, taking a break from work and staying with my chums for a couple of weeks to enjoy the glorious surrounding countryside and equally arresting architecture. But there was one thing that caught my eye every time we drove out for the day. A certain company that seemed to encourage me to entertain thoughts of defection from the trusty little Accord.
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