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Finally, it's time to go out and interact with the folks in my App Coiner online MLM world. This means visiting forums on sites like Ryze and Facebook. In these networks, I try to answer people's questions, be helpful, and get my burning questions answered. I will also go read the blogs of my various online "heroes," and will often comment on any posts that I find particularly intriguing or helpful. So that's a typical day in the life of an online MLM propeller-head. In addition to this regular marketing schedule, I also spend time with my prospects and downline via email and phone as needed. I answer questions, email information, do occasional three-way calls, and offer trainings. I also attend select company and upline training webinars and teleconferences. This article will be the last in my series on Creating an Effective Online Presence. This article addresses blogs, newsletters, your sales funnel, and joint ventures. This is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive review of each category but rather a quick synopsis of each one.
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  1. milanj's Avatar
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