Weight Loss Diet Tips From Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR

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No additives or preservatives: Given the higher incidence of food-related health disorders, it is important that you ensure that you consume it is both additive and preservative free. A few organizations have been known to add both to increase the shelf life of their product which is why you need to double check the label at the back and make sure that it's carton does not contain any additives or preservatives. When it comes to cow milk in Surat, at Parag milk foods, we understand the necessity of delivering a healthy product to our customers sans any preservative or food additives. Our milk is as fresh as it comes which is why you need to opt for the pure as cow's brand the next time you want to purchase a half and half. Homogenized and pasteurized: It goes without saying that any milk carton you purchase, needs to carry pasteurized and homogenized milk. It must be homogenized so that the fat molecules break down into smaller particulates and do not float on the top as skim. And the pasteurization process helps to eliminate the bacteria in it. Whether you drink cow's milk or sheep's milk, the content needs to be both homogenized and pasteurized before you can consume the same. Since the milk is produced from the udders, they often carry bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. This is the main reason to check if all products of it you consume are made from homogenized and pasteurized, for safe and healthy consumption. At Parag foods, we produce thousands of litres of pure cow milk in Surat but take efforts to ensure that all our milk is both homogenized and pasteurized so that our customers can consume it safely, without having to worry about their health.


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