ber odor in its tracks.

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Every man is accustomed to the occasional member odor issue. It usually happens after a sweaty workout Hau'oli Kikaha Saints Jersey , first thing in the morning after a night of enjoyment, or even after a long day at the office. A quick wash and some good manhood care usually take care of the problem. However, some men deal with a strong fishy member odor, one that seems to come back no matter what they do. There could be some very clear reasons for this particular odor, and the good news is that proper treatment and care can help ensure it does go away – for good.

What causes that fishy member odor?

Men who notice that member odor has gotten out of control might want to consider more serious conditions that could be causing the problem.

1. Urinary tract infections. When a man has a UTI, he will likely notice the big three symptoms first: Painful urination, an urgency to urinate even if there is no urine to come out, and a feeling that the bladder isn’t empty even after urination. But then there is the smell, which is usually a very strong-smelling urine with somewhat of a fishy odor. This indicates infection in the urinary tract. A bit of that urine left on the male organ and surrounding area can lead to an overwhelming stench. The good news is that antibiotics can clear a UTI up quite nicely.

2. Yeast infections. Though this is often something that happens to women, men can certainly develop yeast infections as well. The telltale signs include itching, swelling and redness of the male organ, as well as a discharge that might look like thin cottage cheese. The scent is often strongly fishy, leading to overwhelming member odor that won’t go away, no matter how good a man’s manhood care might be. Antifungal medications help with this; though they are usually topical, some medications can be taken orally.

3. Bacterial infections. A wide variety of bacterial infections can lead to fishy member odor. These infections are often shared between a man and his partner, so if she winds up with some sort of unpleasant infection, he is likely to have it too. They can also pass the infection between the two of them, so it is important for both to be treated, even if one partner has no symptoms.

4. Buildup of smegma. Sometimes men will notice a buildup of white film on their male organ, especially around the head. This is known as smegma, and it’s made up of dead skin cells, skin oils and other substances on the body. Bacteria can easily get a foothold here and grow fast, which means a fishy member odor is likely to emanate from any area that has a smegma buildup. Excellent hygiene can prevent the problem from getting worse and can stop the member odor in its tracks.

How to alleviate fishy member odor

In addition to getting checked out by a physician and taking any medications for infections as directed, a man can take special manhood care steps at home to alleviate or diminish that rank odor.

1. Wash at least once a day. Good hygiene is key to ensuring that typical member odor doesn’t occur. It’s also a great way to catch other problems, such as an infection, before it can really get a foothold and wreak havoc with a man’s private life.

2. Take all medications as directed. Sometimes a man will seek out treatment for a problem, but stop taking his medications as soon as he feels better. This is a bad idea! By stopping treatment too soon, the infection can come back and this time, it can be even worse. Always finish the full course of treatment.

3. Go with a great crème. A man trying to alleviate fishy member odor can reach for a specially formulated male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should look for one that contains vitamin A, also known as retinol. This vitamin has antibacterial properties that are known for stopping member odor at the source. Consuelo Gaston
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