Structure specialized in the management of chronic rebel pain

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Pain structures exist in different forms of organizations (probably destined to change in the years to come): consultations, pain management in Manhattan or centers for evaluation and treatment of chronic rebel pain.

These structures are specialized in the management of all persistent pain that is difficult to relieve. We talk about chronic rebel pain. They are led by a multidisciplinary team of Shoulder Pain Doctor or not.

These structures do not receive patients without the consent of your doctor, because its collaboration is essential for the monitoring of your pain. He will direct you to a pain specialist or to one of these structures.

Chronic pain has several characteristics:

It lasts for at least 3 months, despite pain treatment;
It persists even if the cause of the pain has disappeared;
It is difficult to understand because it does not always have a visible cause. It increases, diminishes, disappears, or reappears without one always knowing why;
It is invasive, morally and physically.

The reasons why a pain becomes chronic are not yet fully understood. Some are related to acute pain that is poorly relieved, others are due to squeal that cannot be repaired, and others to long-term illnesses.

Chronic pain does not play or more the role of an alarm signal. These are diseases in their own right that require long-term treatment. The intervention of pain specialists may be necessary.

The longer they last, the more they are used, physically and morally. Chronic pain has a significant impact on the quality of life: loss of autonomy (mobility difficulties, for example), disability, isolation, the risk of depression, professional difficulties.

These pains can be all the more badly experienced as they represent a real handicap, often invisible from the outside. The non-recognition of the pain, by the entourage or by the employer, for example, constitutes in itself a real suffering.

All these consequences are to be taken into account in the choice of treatments and support for pain.

Specialized structures take care of chronic pain.

A pain is said to be chronic since it is persistent or recurrent (most often beyond 6 months), that it responds poorly to treatment and that it induces a functional and relational deterioration.

In the most severely affected patients, it can also be accompanied by reinforcing factors such as psychopathological manifestations, an insistent demand for medication or often invasive medical procedures, as well as a difficulty in adapting to the situation.

These structures do not support all the pains. For example, acute pain caused by an appendicitis attack, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage or leg fracture must be managed by other care teams (your doctor, emergency services, surgery, cardiology, surgery, etc.).

This difference reminds us that all pain must be diagnosed (search for the cause). Without a diagnosis, there can be no good pain management. This is The Pain Specialist has a primary role in allowing these structures to concentrate their means and their efforts on the patients under their care.

The top rated pain management doctors these pains requires the collaboration of several specialists from different disciplines.
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