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NAIROBI, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Visiting World Kickboxing Federation director of the Middle East region on Friday called on Kenyan officials to invest more in the game in order to nurture talent and spur growth.

Mohammed Dessouki, who is also the president of the federation's Egyptian chapter, said in Nairobi during a training session for kickboxing referees drawn from East Africa region that Kenya has a wide pool of talented Kickboxers who should be nurtured in order to develop the sport in the region.

"There is much talent around that needs tapping and referees and coaches should be accorded proper training to spur the growth of the game," Dessouki noted.

"The referees are quick to learn and we in the Middle East will extend our support for the development of kickboxing around," the top trainer told Xinhua.

The referees who were drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan were trained in dress codes and duties of a referee mainly the safety of the fighters, verbal commands, different styles of combat and their rules, and rules covering the corner-man.

Other topics covered included protecting fighters from outside distraction, fouling, scoring, counting over a downed fighter, fight stoppage, announcing the winners as well as basic first Aid.

Dessouki, who holds Level A1referee's certificate, which is the highest in the world, will conduct a second regional kickboxing referees' training next February ahead of the second Xtra Kombat MUAY Thai Africa fight series to be held in Nairobi.

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Excessive stress, poor diet Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 Blanche Homme Pas Cher , lack of sleep and less exercise are some common reasons that can lead the way to hypertension and high blood pressure problems. Some people take these problems in lightweight which can gives rise to serious health issues like stroke and heart related disorders. Hence it is very important to control stress and the level of BP in body. Nowadays the number of natural foods and herbal treatments has been increased that effectively get rid of hypertension and high BP related problems.

But choosing the best one is little bit confusing. Let's see here some among the best natural foods and herbal treatments to control high blood pressure and hypertension related problems. Consumption of dark chocolate is found to be very useful to reduce the hypertension related problems. It contains flavonoids which is a main reason behind its effective health benefits. It keeps blood vessels more flexible and treats hypertension in a safe manner. Eating the small amount of dark chocolate is sufficient to reduce hypertension and BP.

Kiwi fruit can also be taken as the natural treatment to get rid of high blood pressure problem. It is also known as Chinese gooseberry. It contains antioxidant properties and reduces the action of free radicals. It possesses high amount of vitamin C which is good for health. One can add kiwi to oatmeal or to salad in daily diet. Along with kiwi, one can use grapes to keep the blood pressure level under control.

These are amazingly high in antioxidants which fight with free radicals that lead to heart failure and hypertension. It also lower inflammation in the body and allow the blood vessels to breathe and relax to prevent higher blood pressure. Regular use of grapes also maintains cholesterol level and provides optimum health benefits in effective manner.

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One can also add bananas in daily diet to treat hypertension and high blood pressure related problems. These are high in potassium which makes it helpful to regulate blood pressure. It is more beneficial to use bananas then using potassium chloride to lower BP level. Eating two bananas in a day can be sufficient to lower blood pressure level naturally.

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