Vulvar varicosities- definition, symptoms and treatment

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Varicose veins takes place when areas of your veins becomes twisted, dilated, swollen and packed with pooling blood. This can lead to discomfort, pressure, and pain in the affected area. Vulvar varicosities are basically varicose veins that have built up in your vulva. The exterior genital area of women is called the vulva. A number of women face this condition at the time of their pregnancy. The reason is increased levels of hormones and changes in bloodflow can lead the vulva veins to become inflamed.

For pregnant women, spider vein injections is not required because it vanishes after delivery. However, if they don’t vanish after delivery - or you are having them even after the pregnancy – there are some available treatment options that can help to reduce the symptoms.

Symptoms of vulvar varicose

Besides swollen or visible twisted veins, another major vulvar Varicose Veins Symptoms is tenderness around or in the genitals. The affected area may feel sore and tender, like a bruise. There are some other symptoms such as -

Tenderness that gets worse after physical activity, sexual activity or standing
Inflammation around or in the genitals
A sense of fullness or pressure in the genitals

In addition, the vein can have an effect on perineum, which is the portion between the anus and vagina. Some females who are suffering from vulvar varicosities may also develop hemorrhoids.

Possible treatments

Initially, veins specialist doctor will suggest home remedy. If there are more serious symptoms or related with some extra conditions, your doctor may also suggest that you -

Apply just a small quantity of mild soap for cleaning the vulvar area. Use a corticosteroid cream after having a bathe to ease itching.
In rare conditions, patients can undergo a medical process known as sclerotherapy. Your physician will inject your veins with a liquid that makes them to wound and block. This will make the veins to lighten eventually.
You should also take prescription medicines of low molecular-weight heparin in case there is a blood clot in the vulvar varicosities. This stops blood clots to occur in future and let the body to be capable to collapse the vulvar varicosities blood clot. Females who are suffering from this condition during pregnancy can have a 5-day course of this medicine throughout the afterward trimesters of pregnancy.

Woman who are not pregnant and face more serious symptoms may take more advanced treatments. This include -
Transcatheter embolization- this method makes use of fluoroscopic imaging for helping your doctor to direct a catheter inside the varicose vein. Then your doctor positions a sclerotherapy or coil to ease Varicose Veins Pain.
Echosclerosis – this is an advanced edition of sclerotherapy with ultrasound guide.
Phlebectomy- this method eliminates the affected veins, needing some small cuts made on the surface of your skin.


Vulvar varicosities can be distasteful to experience. During pregnancy, this condition can lead to discomfort that needs home Varicose Veins Remedy. Usually, this condition fades in some months after the childbirth.
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