Do women love muscular guys?

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How do woman see muscular guys?
First of all, muscular guys tend to be perceived as very dominant in womenís brain. And initially, for example, when a muscular guy enter the room he will be noticed by the womanís brain. That is due to the primal brain, that we get from animals. Muscular men look like good protectors and alphas of the tribe.

However, on the other hand, many bodybuilders have poor social skills. They are not interesting, with lack of humor, they have problems speaking, and usually they donít know how to flirt. Nowadays they are perceived as dumb. But it also really depends of girls and their affinities. Girls who spend a lot of time in the gym, usually like guys who are fit and they think having muscles are very important. Lifting weight boosts your testosterone level, shaping your body and making you sexier.
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  1. djshad's Avatar
    And what? Women attract us too when they look after themselves and the beauty of their bodies. It is very exciting. Thanks to such trainings, I met my second half and now I intend to order a ring to get married. Do you know can I buy engagement rings in Dublin?
  2. Sydneycl's Avatar
    Women are more sexually attracted to stringer looking men due to the natural instinct to want to produce healthy offspring