What is pain in the elbow?

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Elbow pain can have many causes. It often occurs because the musculature is overloaded and tense. This leads to irritation and inflammation of the tendons (soft tissues that help fix the muscle to the bone). The elbow is formed by bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluids, but there is Treatment for Elbow Pain.

If the patient has Pain from Elbow to Shoulder, he may suffer:

Epicondylitis or tennis elbow: inflammation of the tendon of the muscles that help to extend the wrist and fingers to the height of the epicondyle of the humerus. It is caused by an overexertion of the musculature (sometimes abrupt or sometimes maintained), which causes micro injuries.

Mechanical blockade of the elbow: it occurs in the radio-humeral joint. In this lesion the radio is blocked posteriorly by a musculature of the extensors of the wrist and fingers that are too tense and subject to great mechanical stress.

Cervical irradiation: it is an irradiation of some of the involved nerves and, in the case of the elbow; some nerves can be irritated in their passage between the scalene muscles. The causes can be a great muscular tension. At the cervical level, instability and poor motor control (together with excessive compression) can damage the discs or affect the nerve root.

Olecranon bursitis or student's elbow: inflammation of the olecranon bursa located in the posterior area of ​​the elbow causing pain in the area and protrusion. It can be caused by great pressure (when we study with our elbows resting on the table, direct hits, and diseases such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis).

Epitrocleitis or golfer's elbow: injury to the elbow at the level of the forearm muscles when they are inserted into the humerus. It is caused by repeated movements that cause a point overexertion or maintained in the muscles. The epitrocleitis can cause deterioration of the tendon and, therefore, pain of the elbow in the medial zone, and can occur at rest as well as movements of the elbow or wrist, and even the fingers.

Tendinitis bicipital: injury biceps tendon at its attachment to the radio. It can be caused by repeated efforts (lifting weights, for example) and pain with the anterior aspect of the elbow.

Prognosis of the disease

Normally elbow pain is not very serious, but it is incapacitating for the patient. The elbow allows extension and flexion, as well as rotates the hand and forearm. The majority of movements of the elbow are a combination of the previous ones, reason why any of them can cause pain and make the complicated day to day to the patient.

However, since most movements of the elbow involve both extension and flexion and rotation, it is sometimes difficult to know what movement causes the pain and In New Jersey there are New Jersey Treatment for Elbow Pain.

Symptoms of pain in the elbow

Usually the symptoms are limited to suffer a pain in the elbow joint. However, the patient may also suffer other derivatives, which should make him consult with the specialist in Traumatology if they appreciate them:

Deformity in the elbow.
Bone out of place.
Very intense pain, with swelling and even bruising in the joint.
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    Good to know the information about the elbow pain. From your blog, I came to know about the reason behind this arthritis and the solution for the pain. I have got more information about the factors that are leading to elbow pain Thanks for sharing the post.
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    Ask to that person who feel pain in his/her elbow because only that person can describe it well who feels it. Try to read mama review for more details as once I was playing cricket in my street and suffered in elbow injury which gave me unbearable pain and kept me disturb for many days.