What is backache?

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The back pain is an annoyance that can be or not continuous in time that can be located from the top of the lower section to the legs. Back pain is the second most common discomfort among people, only overcome by the common cold.

In fact, it is estimated that around eight out of ten people will suffer throughout their lives, a fact that makes clear its prevalence. Back pain is associated with many diseases that can lead to serious problems; therefore, Massage Therapy for Back Pain is must. The lumbago or back pain is the most common pathology in pain back.

Back pain forecast

The back pain is a very common problem among people, since it is estimated that 80% of the population will suffer at some point in their lives. This pain is associated with more than 60 diseases, some of which can lead to serious problems such as disabilities.

When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

The symptomatology of back pain can manifest itself in different ways, while its intensity may or may not be variable between mild and intense, and depending on its level can severely affect the mobility of the person who suffers.

The most common signs of back pain are the following:

Throbbing pain
Muscular discomfort
Pain that radiates to the leg
Intense pain

Medical tests for back pain

Diagnosing a back pain problem is not always a quick process, since the Back Problems Doctor must gradually rule out possible causes and gradually carry out tests that confirm the diagnosis. At the time of diagnosing the problem, the specialist will ask the patient some questions about how the pain began etc. Subsequently, physical and neurological examinations will be carried out.

In the physical examination, the Lower Back Doctor Specialist will observe the patient's posture, as well as his physical state, his range of movements and what movements cause the pain. In the neurological examination, reflexes, muscle strength and range of pain will be evaluated. In turn, you can also do various medical tests, such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, bone scintigraphy, electromyography to study the nerves. Bone studies, discograms and myelograms can also be done to confirm the condition of the bones, discs and spinal cord, respectively.

What are the causes of back pain?

The beginning of back pain can have several causes as origin. Low back pain can appear due to the presence of muscle spasms; a herniated disc or a fracture in the cord can be the cause of low back pain. On the other hand, sciatica is another of the most frequent pains that occurs in the lower back and runs through the sciatic nerve through the gluteus.

For the most part, cervicalgias appear after muscle inflammation or joint dysfunction. Inflammation of the muscles can occur due to weakness, overexertion, sports injuries or accidents. Another common cause of pain is osteoarthritis, as well as bone irregularities or possible abnormalities of the back, such as curvature of the spine or scoliosis. In turn, it should be noted that almost any daily activity can trigger back pain, either suddenly or over time.
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Back Pain


  1. DenialSmith's Avatar
    Thank you, most back pain comes from improper technique and training power exercises. When I was practicing on my top power rack I also felt back pain at first, but after I bought myself a belt and improved my technique, the pain went away
  2. Laurence's Avatar
    Backache was a big problem for me. If you have some such problem I can recommend to search special physical exercises and do them at home. Massage also can help. If you want to reduce pain right now, CBD can help. Try for example cbd lozenges 5 mg orange, this variant will be good for first time.