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Which antivirus it's better to choose for home use, guys? I know that they are quite the same but I am also sure that there are some key points which I just don't know about.
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  1. Monetey's Avatar
    They are predominantly the same but there are some details which really make sense. You can see it in the review named norton vs avast. Obviously, the author compares these two leaders of internet security providing.
  2. JohnDY's Avatar
    Agree, good antivirus is essential for the office. Additionally you may want to consider using the employee monitoring software that will record the keystrokes and see what the staff are doing We had issues in our office of people using dangerous websites thru VPN and infecting the whole network with rootkits that later opened a gate to corporate money theft. So this will save us ever again.
  3. Erdogan's Avatar
    Trusted antivirus is very important for home and for office. But there are so many different options! I agree with Monetey that reviews are the best way to choose an antivirus. I selected Avira for my home PC thanks to this site: Don't forget about your security is really important!
  4. milanj's Avatar
    There are lots of antivirus software are available nowadays additional resources that helps you to protect your system from any kind of viruses and malware. We can't say one is better than the other. Each person has a different experience with such software packages.
  5. harryjosh's Avatar
    I've been using Bitdefender Free for a couple of years now also abandoned Avast due to resource issues, I tried Panda Free, wasn't fond of the fact that there were no auto application updates (manual).

    Tried a couple of others, settled on Bitdefender. Read this review to settle on one. I like Bitdefender because it doesn't appear bloated with so much option shit that Panda and Avast has, no muss, no fuss.