Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with Team Liquidís V1per

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While we interviewed the rest in the Team Liquid roster already, we definitely cannot leave out theyís top lane sub, Omran ďV1perĒ Shoura. Following the c'sís win today, we grabbed him for any quick Lightning Round.

Our Lightning Rounds are easy enough. In about 5 minutes, we have the interviewee to resolve as many MapleStory 2 Mesos questions as we can easily. The questions are coming from a plethora of sources now. Thereís questions from players, press, Vox Media employees ó itís pretty random now.

The interview below is edited for clarity and length.
If you'd to switch roles, which will you play? (From iGís Duke.)

V1per: Iíd probably play mid. Mid is comparable to top. Itís exactly the same champ pool sort of and you have to get similar mechanics, so probably mid.
If you could potentially turn into another pro, who'd you pick? (From ktís Deft.)

V1per: Iíd pick Deft. You know, heís got and heís a handsome boy. You canít not need to be him! [laughs]
Coke or Pepsi?

V1per: Do I have to say one?

The Rift Herald: Can you not pick bewteen barefoot and shoes?

V1per: I donít like both.

The Rift Herald: Thatís a good answer, too! Do you nothing like soda?

V1per: Nah, I donít.
What toppings will you get on your own pizza?

V1per: Only cheese. Thatís all I eat. Cheese, hardly anything else.
Cake or pie?

V1per: None! I donít like either.
Which teammate would win inside an IRL teamfight?

V1per: As in a very 1v1 or possibly a 5v5?

The Rift Herald: Every man for himself!

V1per: Honestly, probably Wunder. Heís looking jacked!

The Rift Herald: No, no! Who would win on Team Liquid?

V1per: Oh! An IRL team fight? Doublelift. Heíd beat everyone up.
When you adopt off your socks, will you ever smell them? (From RNGís Xiaohu.)

V1per: No, I usually do not smell my socks when I remove them, unfortunately.
Salty or sweet?

V1per: Probably sweet.
Do you prefer Uniboy? (From MAD Teamís Uniboy.)

V1per: [laughs] Of course I like Uniboy! Heís an excellent guy.
If you had to experience a different game competitively instead, which will you play?

V1per: MapleStory 2.

The Rift Herald: Dude! Iím information on MapleStory 2.

V1per: Yeah, itís great.
Imagine you only got your milk out from the refrigerator to pour it into cereal, coffee, whatever that suits you. Do you shake your milk when you pour it?

V1per: No.
Whatís your chosen movie? (From Vitalityís Jactroll.)

V1per: Interstellar.
The last task: Contribute an issue to ask in the future interviews.

V1per: Who can be your favorite pro player? Is that already inside?

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