Path of Exile: Perma-Freeze Bosses

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I are already playing a great deal of Path of Exile lately. My current character is running the freezing pulse skill gem simply because they added an exclusive jewel that buffs it and I had fun from it years ago. The goal from the build is to perform bunch of cold damage and inflict the 'freeze' debuff on all from the enemies. This means they are unable to take actions, meaning they can't do damage, which suggests I get for being invincible! Mwahaha!

The theory turns out for being better as opposed to practice, however. I can absolutely crush trash monsters but I've been trouble with POE Orbs bosses. I've been wanting to straddle a brand of being capable of still take care of bosses who are not frozen so I've wound up with a mishmash of any build where I have some survivability plus some freezability however, not really an ample amount of either. I are going to be getting more of both with a lot more levels (at terms of acquiring more passive points within the tree and in comparison to its leveling up my skill gems) but I'm commencing to feel like I need to really go all in on a single or the other. Running a lot of curses and instant leech and also the like is ok if enemies aren't frozen but when they are then it is not really doing anything in my opinion and maybe I'll be more well off without 4 item slots focused on doing all of my cursing.

Alternatively maybe I'm happier doing all of the cursing and leeching without worrying about freezing in any respect. If I'm building around being capable of leech tank bosses I are capable of doing the same for all of the trash too and I'd be happier without every one of the freeze related points inside tree. At that point I may even be more well off just using another spell entirely!

So I think tips on how to proceed is usually to work out what I could do today to go all in on freezing. See if I think that'd do great enough to freeze some POE Currency bosses. If so, great! If not, well, probably find a new dude.
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