What it means to be an HR and the trick to become one

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HR, that is, the “Human Resource” is a subject where the students study that how the people are been recruited for the job in different companies. Human resource, in short, means that how do the desired and qualified people get selected in any company in accordance to their qualifications.

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The students apply for jobs in different companies. They are then been called for their interview and then, if they qualify their interview, they are been trained for the work they will have to do in the company. And then, they are been placed with their jobs. This is the procedure what the students study in the Human Resource department. So, in short, the students pursuing Human Resource as their subject have to study of ‘how are the people recruited, trained and then placed with their jobs’.

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Summary :-

Human Resource is a subject where the students’ need to study that how are the deserving candidates recruited for a specified job. The students, according to their wish, can also do an internship in any company as well. Here, the students learn the procedure of recruitment of the deserving candidates along with their training and their placement for the jobs. The students can learn about the different rules and procedures of their work much in advance, this way.


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