Inflamed sciatic nerve - symptoms and treatment

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The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of the human body being formed by several nerve endings that come from the spine. This begins at the end of the spine, passing through the buttocks and back of the thigh, and when it reaches the knee it is divided between the common tibial and fibular nerve, reaching the feet. And it is in this journey that it can cause pain with a tingling sensation, stitches and electric shocks.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Sciatic Nerve
If you think you may have inflammation in the sciatic nerve, select your symptoms and see what the odds are:

Sensation of burning, stitches or tired leg.
Weakness in one or both legs.
Pain that intensifies with rest.

Often these symptoms are associated with alterations in the spine, such as herniated disc, spondylosis or osteoarthritis of the spine. For this reason, when the first symptoms arise it is very important to consult the doctor so that some tests are performed in the office and x-ray exams in the column to evaluate if it has any alteration that is compressing the nerve, giving rise to the symptoms .

How to know if it is pain in sciatica

The diagnosis of pain in sciatica can be made by the orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist and is based on the signs and symptoms presented. The test seeks to check if there is any alteration of the sciatic nerve and can be performed in the office.

When it is suspected that the nerve is damaged, which rarely occurs, only in case of serious accidents in which it may be necessary to do an electroneuromyogram, which is a test that evaluates the functioning of the nerve itself and giving the Best Medication for Sciatica.

How Do You Treat Sciatica
The treatment for pain or inflammation in the sciatic nerve can be done with the use of analgesic drugs, anti-inflammatories in the form of pills or ointments, with the use of heat bags and performing physiotherapy with specific exercises.

The medications indicated to combat pain in sciatica prescribed by the orthopedist may be acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or some stronger ones that are derivatives of morphine such as Tramadol, accompanied by a muscle relaxant such as Diazepan. But a more natural way to fight pain is to take vitamin B complex, since it improves the health of the nerves.

A home treatment for inflamed sciatic nerve are massages with moisturizer or oils, as they can be applied to relieve pain and improve mobility, since it relaxes the muscles of the back, legs and buttocks, thus decreasing compression in the nerve. It should preferably be done by Bethany Physical Therapy or and there may be a need to treat the disease in the clinic, depending on the severity.

The rest worsens the pain, as well as staying a long time in the same position and for this the mild exercises are welcome. Initially, stretches that can be done with the person lying on their back and hugging their legs, for example, are more recommended.
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