Tell us about your pets!

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Hi there dear forum users!
Yesterday I got a cat! She's nice and beautiful. Even don't know how to name her. But besides the cat, I also have 2 rats, a raven, and a turtle. What pets do you have? Share with us!
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  1. SulfimaUlta's Avatar
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  2. DanielBurton's Avatar
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  3. DanielBurton's Avatar
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  4. milanj's Avatar
    I also really love pets, especially dogs. I have two puppies in my find more info home and I play with them regularly. They also loves me very much. It’s interesting to see this conversation shared over here. It helps us to solve any kind of doubts regarding pets.
  5. Thordilore's Avatar
    I have two cats! They're 3 years old. My pets are very active, they love running around my Greece house for sale. Sometimes I don't have time to look after them
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  6. DanielBurton's Avatar
    I never really had any pets, but I want to have a Cat as a pet. I am thinking to buy one really soon but I'll have to take care of it. And I already have a pretty busy schedule, I donít know how will I manage it.
  7. Jactiben's Avatar
    Of the pets, I only have a huge rat. It seems to me that this is not a rat, but just a man dressed somehow. Even my best rat traps would not be able to cope with it, although my house and garage were completely cleaned of these pests without any chemistry.