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Patience is a must when youíre trying to ďput on muscleĒ. Maybe you want to impress some lucky girl or you have a reunion to go to. Putting on muscle is like saving money Jabrill Peppers Jersey , if youíre broke its going to take time to build up a nice bank account just like it takes time to put on muscle. Follow these proven tips for the quickest way to build muscle.

What Makes Muscles Grow
If you want your muscles to grow than itís a must to apply the most amount of stress to the muscles. Your muscles grow when they are at rest not while in the gym. Itís very important to get lots of Nutrients and Rest after a good training session. The muscles are built of Protein and water, make sure youíre getting about 1.5 or more grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Top 12 Ways To Put On Muscle

1. Having a Better Muscle Mind Connection
When it comes to building muscle itís all about targeting and isolating the muscle youíre trying to work out. A good way to tell if youíre getting a good mind muscle connection is by starting off with lighter weight and feeling that specific muscle work. When you canít feel that specific muscle work anymore youíve gone to heavy. Lower the weight back down and continue with the exercise. I strongly believe that the this is one of the quickest ways to build muscle.

2. Focus on your form and have a purpose for each exercise
Have a purpose when youíre going into the gym. Donít just go through the motion and exercise. Really put your heart and energy into the work out and get something out of it. Having good form will keep you from injury and build muscle faster.

3. Train one muscle group before moving on to a different muscle group
If youíre training your bicep and triceps together then, do all of your bicep exercise before moving on to your triceps. If this was your work out for the day than do all of these bicep exercise with 45-60 sec rest between sets before moving on to the triceps exercises.

4. Add more Sets and Reps
Sometimes it takes overtraining in the gym to shock the muscles into growth. Try adding an extra set or 2-3 more reps on your sets. Switch up your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. The reason for this is to keep the muscle from getting used to the same movements.

5. Shorten your rest periods to 45 -60 sec
Your muscle have recovered about 70 percent after 45 seconds and fully recovered after about 3 minutes. Waiting only 45 seconds will force more muscle fibers to come in to help other muscle fibers which will cause your muscles to grow. Keep your workouts under 60 minutes to keep from catabolic hormones breaking down your muscles.

6. Plan out and prepare you meals for the whole day or week
Cooking your meals the night before or in the morning before you start your day will make it easy access to calories and protein throughout the whole day. More calories means more weight gained and muscle gained.

7. Get a work out partner to help push and spot you in the gym
Having someone push you in the gym will help you go harder in the gym and encourage you to go heavier and help build muscle.

8. Eat every 2-3 hours
Training is 100% and Nutrition is 100% you canít do one and expect results. You need to feed your muscles every day.

9. Change up your exercise every 4 weeks
Change up your workout routines between 4-6 weeks. Your muscles will have no reason to grow unless you force them to by putting them under high demand of stress and resistance. The weight your lifting should increase over time, this is called Progressive overload.

10. Get enough Protein
Protein is your ticket to gaining muscle. Eat about 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Drink a shake right after your work out.
Good Protein Sources
. Chicken
. Steak
∑ Peanut Butter
∑ Fish
∑ Nuts
∑ Whey Protein
∑ Turkey

11. Use compound Exercise
Doing compound exercise is a must when trying to build muscle fast. They use many muscle groups at one time and the releases growth hormones in the body. An example of a compound exercise would be squats or dead lifts.

12. Avoid Cardio
Doing cardio is good if youíre trying to loose fat, but when youíre trying to gain muscle doing too much cardio will actually release catabolic hormones and break down your muscle tissue. Tailgating Parties: A Perfect Way to Show School Spirit

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