The patch also brings about a significant rebalance

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The patch also brings about a significant rebalance, and as being a result, players are going to be given a one-use token to reset their passive skill tree.
Crafting fans will likely be pleased to hear in regards to the Eternal Orb, a fresh currency item which saves an Imprint connected with an item so that you can later restore its properties; while Eternal Orbs may be traded, the Imprints they produce can not be, and so they also only apply towards the original item.
The update may also allow party leaders to elect one of the couple of strategies of item allocation, and adds an opportunity for life bars on allies and enemies.
The patch is anticipated on June 5, NZ time. The major changes are discussed in a very forum thread as well as the full patch notes for update 0.11.0 are available.
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