10 Tips To Make a Dissertation A Masterpiece

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Writing a dissertation is like covering the final mile of a very long journey. It comes at a point of seriously mixed feelings – of joy to be seeing the finish line in your studies; and the exhaustion that the previous levels have hit you with. However, the most troubling fact about your dissertation writing is the number of people and processes involved, and at each of the processes you have to succeed. So if you are approaching that time and you’ve been wondering how to face it, do not worry - the following tips will help you ensure that your dissertation is in its own class.

Schedule your work
Remember this is a task that has deadlines. You will have to plan your work well. To ensure you are making it in time, divide your writing into sections. Allocate a specific timeline for completing each section.
One thing you have to take into consideration is your most active hours of the day. Many people are more active in the morning, but there are others whose brains peak at different times than the morning. Always approach your dissertation when your brain is at its best. Many students have found it difficult to concentrate on their dissertation writing because they opt to do it when they are through with their other tasks, by which time the brain is too tired to give its best.

Start writing with what you have
One of the biggest mistakes students make when faced with this task is trying to “hit it right from the word go”. The result is that you will end up wasting so much time trying to figure out how to start. Once you have properly scheduled your writing, the best way to approach it is to write the first ideas that come into your mind. So if you want to know whether you got the right ideas, don’t test them outside first-test it as you write it.

Be flexible with your dissertation writing
Much as you have made your schedule, following this so strictly can sometimes be counterproductive. Do not make the mistake of writing even when you are too exhausted to reason well, just because you have a deadline to stick to. You can always stretch some deadlines by a few hours or days, only being careful not to create an insurmountable deadlock.

First things last
This one will sound abnormal, but it’s just one of those key secrets to ensuring you remain relevant throughout. Writing the introduction first restricts you to a very narrow scope. It is easier to make an introduction from completed work because you will have determined exactly what you want to prepare the reader for.

Do not be too strict from the start.
If you plan your work well, you will have time for the first draft and the final copy. When writing the first draft of your dissertation, just rush through it without giving so much attention to the grammatical and spelling mistakes-these will be taken care of when you will be writing the final copy.

Practice intersectional freedom
Do not restrict yourself to always finishing one section before you can move to the next. Some chapters will definitely prove harder than others. Skip the more difficult chapters and return to them later when you have perfectly grasped the entire concept.

What to do if you feel desperate because of your dissertation
If working on your thesis you one day feel like put in a corner just take a deep breath and remember that you may appeal for the assistance to the professionals, for example, find dissertation help at Edubirdie - the service that will make you believe in yourself again and break free from deadlock.

Have a good relationship with your supervisor
The supervisor has a great chunk of your success in his hands. Always avoid any disagreements with your supervisor. Develop and maintain relevant communication from early enough, so that you will not have problems when you start more serious interactions on the task.
You will especially need to get your supervisor to give you early feedbacks in order to give you enough time to handle the revisions and submit the final copy in time.

Your health first
You are always going to need a sound mind and strong body to get things right. Do not overstrain your brain until you can hardly reason any further. Always have enough rest and sleep well, so that your brain is fresh the next time you settle down to tackle your dissertation.

Demand your peace
Friends and family are very important in life, but there comes a time when you really need special time with your work. When you are dissertating, get these people to understand what this means to your life, so that they can give you space when you need it. This does not mean you will always stay alone, as that can also lead to behavioral problems.

Use a reference manager
Your dissertation is going to be very long, and you are sure to use several references. If you do not note down your references in an orderly manner, you are likely to end up confusing them and even bypassing some. To avoid the trouble of having to go through the entire write-up looking for the references, develop a system of keeping track of the references as you write, so that you will just remain with a little compilation work when you get to the end of your dissertation.

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