Balance: Path of Exile: Synthesis includes a balance give attention to spellcasting

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Balance: Path of Exile: Synthesis includes a balance give attention to spellcasting, especially around improving hand-casting (casting a spell naturally without resorting to a totem/trap/mine to finish it to suit your needs). This process includes a numerical balance pass total offensive spells from the sport.
New Archetypes: With its target spellcasters, this expansion also introduces two new character archetypes - the Chaos and Holy casters. The new skill and support gems added these archetypes also affect a great number of other Path of Exile builds that could find them useful.
New Gems: Path of Exile: Synthesiscontains 14 new Gems, including seven new Skill Gems, four new Support Gems and three complete revamps to existing Gems.
New Items: Like any Path of Exile expansion, Synthesis contains numerous valuable new items to seek out and hoard. Alongside the completely new Fractured and Synthesized Items, players can discover 16 new Unique Items and 16 Divination Cards put together by Path of Exile's supporters.
The Atlas has Shifted: The Atlas of Worlds (a chart of Path of Exile's end-game maps) remains updated, with new positions for existing maps, and a lot more secret player hideouts to discover attached with these maps.
Available on PC, Xbox One and very soon, PlayStation 4: Path of Exile: Synthesis is not just visiting its existing platforms of PC and Xbox One, but are often available soon on PlayStation 4. All versions are, obviously, 100% free to have. Lionks
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