Not Able to Send Money, Get PayPal Support

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PayPal comes with lots of beneficial features, A user may choose whatever account type he wants and simply start using easy to pay and receive facility, but unfortunately people are having issue while using his services but now customer can find an easy support help using PayPal contact number.

PayPal Support Number

Bookmark PayPal contacts for future references, so that you'll easily receive PayPal help when necessary, all that available on PayPal support number simply follow website and dial phone number for help.
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  1. JamesBarone's Avatar
    Hi! I prefer Money Gram. Recently I was in the office. The articles at saved me a lot of time. The service was great. In order to send money, they took my passport and made a photocopy of its pages. I was given a special number. I had to write the first name and last name of the recipient. The main thing is that all letters should be identical to the recipient in his passport, otherwise there are troubles to both. If you ask, bank employees can help with filling out the form or even do it themselves. In addition to the transfer amount, you will have to pay a commission. After making the money at the cash desk, you will be given a printed form confirming the sending of the transfer. There you will find the control number that must be reported to the recipient. The transfer is send very quickly, about 15 minutes after sending, regardless of the country of the recipient. This is a definite plus
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  2. garry91's Avatar
    you can try sending money by chase bank account if you have one, you just need to use chase routing number california if you are living in CA