Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune: Climbing the Ladder Alone & Starting a Microtransa

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This week, the Path of Exile team has some interesting tidbits of knowledge to share with its community within the form with the forthcoming "Solo Self-Found" mode arriving at ladder participation with 2.6.0 We'll require a peek from the design on the labyrinth and have a look at the second round of winners through the PoE Talent Competition. Lastly, we'll please take a look at new microtransactions and talk to devs regarding how Grinding Gear is within the cutting edge of funding Path of Exile.
Anxious to recognise more regarding the recently-announced next act for Path of Exile? We need to know too plus it sounds like we'll are all aware more sometime in February:
MMORPG: MMORPG: When we could we expect for more information on the next Act? (Toss me a bone!)
GG: We're holding a press tour in California through the week on the 6th of February. Be there! :-)
Players have always been requesting a means to engage in ladder content in Path of Exile and devs are delivering by 50 percent.6.0. Called "Solo Self-Found", or SSF, can be a new means for players to advance through the ladder alone by choice. This means no partying, no trading and upward mobility is linked instantly to one's own prowess. Links
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