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I love that they thomas sabo charm club sale uk have used a gemstone to create the lens, while the detailing on the back and top of the camera is also pretty amazing! I hope they go back to threads for next year's leathers! I do like the new clips, but the Shining Elegance clips are a bit too pricey to be investing in for every leather bracelet. I may just mix the charms with one of my other bracelets. A lunchtime visit on the first day of the sale and the store was very quiet. The dog bowl is very cute and it's probably the pet charm that tempts me most. I will also be getting one of the frienship charms for my best friend as she offered me the Best Friend Heart with cz for my birthday. I might just have to dip a toe into that pool now that I see how stunning it is with the brown. For me, this is one of the highlights of the Spring 2014 collection, and is definitely up there with the acclaimed Cherry Blossom clip from Spring 2013.

No I am not participating in the US promo. The only one I didn't like that much was the 'I Love My Pets' charm with the pearlescent enamel - I didn't really like the off-white colour to it, it looked a bit mucky haha. No, I'm not keen on the script either - although apparently it's not too in your face when you see it in person I got the bracelet today and I just love it! There's something so nice about a Pandora bracelet when it's new as well- I can never get them quite that shiny again afterwards. ^^ You should definitely consider this one, it's very pretty. Pandora Wild Hearts muranoThe glass itself is clear, with some beautiful sparkle giving it a silver glitter. It is beyond your control on how long they take to reply you. If beads in my country were cheaper, that would make up for it. I want to get the Lucky Elephant and Frosty mint most of all, so they're my next summer priorities ^^ So thomas sabo silver charms uk nice! I like to collect limited edition heart sharp item.

I should have added that we have the poinsettia here, too. Ellie,Wow, loving all these posts this week! Thanks for the Disney sneak peek. It's lovely it goes so nicely with the other two muranos. What do you think? I hate to do another seasonal bracelet, but I think I can make this work year round use. I love the Folklore murano too but, like you, have never had anywhere to use it. I usually only buy charms, but there are some lovely pieces of jewellery here! Really glad to hear you think it looks nice! The pink ones are next on my hit list, I think I got the pink pave bracelet in the US sale, so I'd like some more pink murano glass to go with it! I think I'm a bit addicted to promotions! I was thomas sabo silver charm bracelet uk hopeful we'd get a promotion here in September.

We'll see, I still might! A bear bracelet sounds adorable! And definitely one that you could wear all year round the odd Christmas charm here and there never hurt anyone! Can't wait, hoping it will arrive soon, but post from Russia takes time. They did not have the purple cz clasp either. Me too! I'm hoping that they won't have gone all out with the cubics, and that we'll see some really lovely classic Pandora silver and two-tone designs. It is tempting, but you appreciate the pieces you have so much more if you slow it down a little and don't get too caught up in the excitement of each new release!In any case, enjoy your new charms and bracelets! I have been rubbing the oxidised parts vigorously with a silver cloth and I still haven't got it off. Again, the individual items will not be sold on their own until the 15th of February.*UPDATED* I now have a stock image for another new necklace! It's always great to see new safety chain designs, too, although the ends don't actually look thick enough to go over traditional Moments bracelets threading? There are a couple of the traditional hearts and buttons, but I think Pandora have done a good job of sticking to the Mother's Day theme while thinking outside thomas sabo las vegas charm uk their usual parameters. I can understand the Disney exclusive maybe for rights reason.
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