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How do you feel about moving? According to statistics, every third person at least once in his life changed the place of deployment. Do you use the help of various companies during such an event like t-rex-moving.com?
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  1. Samuel Roberts's Avatar
    I'm going to move to Las Vegas, because my firm is being relocated there. Also I want to be closer to shows I'm booking at this website https://best-vegas.com/las-vegas-concerts/ , I want to spend less time on driving to show, than on show itself. And yes, I'm using moving company name of which I will not disclose.
  2. JohnDY's Avatar
    I have recently moved. And can say that it was a disaster! At the new place someone stole my new black Tesla from the parking lot. It was uninsured and now I canít stop thinking about how really stupid I was. So I made an oath to myself, that if police finds it, I will immediately have it insured https://www.americaninsurance.com/ho...t-insure-tesla so that I never, never again have this kind of stress.