Check Out - How I Enjoy Wild Dating with Paula

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Hi, I am Mark. I dated 2 women online on best dating sites for over 40 in USA.
Here is my online dating experience-
I was lonely and in a need of some woman. I lost my wife, jobs and kids in a road accident.
I found 2 women of my age. One was Emilia and another named Paula.
I was lucky enough to get the phone numbers of both the women and I built a chance to date both of them.
Emilia was more hot and beautiful then Paula. It was an amazing feeling to date them.
I read senior dating tips online in order to impress both of them.
But it went wrong, Emilia rejected me for no reason.

Read full story here - senior dating experience

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  1. Damian's Avatar
    You are a crazy, dude)) Why do you need two girls? This is a continuous headache. Yes, that would be good for a couple of dates, but it doesn't work like that. I'm tired of spending a lot of effort on dates. Now I just want something more calm. Sometimes I can invite an escort girl. Sometimes I just play free 3d porn games. The latter option suits me the most. This isn't like banal porn. There is a plot and action. It helps me to relax.