How to clone a phone easily?

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I need to know how to clone a phone, so if anyone out there help me in this regard then it would be a huge favor.
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  1. Akinsheyease's Avatar
    Clone a phone without touching is possible now. For the sake of your convenience we will recommend some ways to do it.

    Solution 1: Cocospy: As initial step just create an account on Cocospy. In case you want to gain access to Android then you should have the target phone and install the Cocospy application. After doing that you can remove the icon of Cocospy, and then you will see it can run in the background with the help of stealth mode and no one would be able to know it. If you have iPhone then you have to add the iCloud authorizations, then you can direct to clone. The best thing is that you have no need to install any app or jailbreak the target phone. As last step you can go to the Cocospy dashboard and clone the phone.

    Solution 2: Spyzie: Make an account on, choose the anticipated subscription model, and enter your email address and password. As second step if you need to clone an iPhone or an Android phone just add details of the target userís account. Then when you choose iOS in the earlier step, you can enter the target userís iCloud ID and password. As second last step if you need access to the Android phone then just go to Setting > Security, unlock the option named Unknown Sources and download the Spyzie Android application in the target phone. Here youíll have to log in with your account info and give permissions to the application. At the end you can go to Spyzieís dashboard and have access to all the features you want to clone the target phone. You can also download all the important info by scrolling via utilizing the left-hand panel. For more info tap
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