Problem Essays: Have No Problems with Your Problem Essay

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Problem essays are your real chance to change situation which you are concerned about. Besides, problem essays are very helpful in terms of improving problem-solving skills: you practice to see the core of a problem, to do a research and to choose the best solution. Writers of 3HoursEssay daily writing dozens of essays. Below, we offer you some hints on writing problem essays.

There are two general approaches to writing problem essays:

  • You focus mostly on analyzing causes of a problem and its effects.
  • You choose a problem and propose a plan of solving it.

If you write a problem essay of the first type, you may investigate substantial problems which touch upon large groups of people. If you are to write a paper of the second problem essays type (problem-solving essay), it is better to choose some local problem which affects you and a certain community around you.

For example, you may investigate the causes of global warming, but you will hardly manage to offer a clear and effective solution within your problem essay.

However, do not forget about such important matter as helpfulness of your problem essay. Academic writing should be always practice-oriented. Any research paper contains conclusions which outline the ways to apply results of a research. Theses and dissertations always have a chapter devoted to recommendations based on research carried out in a paper. Problem essays are absolutely about helpfulness and applicability:

  • If you analyze causes of a problem in your problem essay, summarize them and outline the general way to solve this problem.
  • When writing a problem-solving essay, offer a solution which is really effective in the discussed situation.

Another important matter is grounding a solution which you offer in your problem essay. Not only should you explain how a problem can be solved, but to prove that:

  • This way of solving a problem will really work.
  • The way you offer is the most effective comparing to other ways.

Besides, outline in your problem essay what “side effects” a solution which you offer may have and what resources this solution requires.

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