Dota 2 Slardar is one of the most competitive heroes in competition

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After analyzing the best offlaners of the current goal where Slardar appeared as one of the strongest heroes, we bring you this Dota 2 Boost to know your strengths and get the most out of the games. Slardar is one of the most competitive heroes in competition, being the most chosen and also the most prohibited. Thanks to its versatility as offlaner or support, its ability to initiate and control enemies in the area, its mobility on the map and its low recharge times. Let's see what we should know to maximize it.

Use the ultimate Corrosive Haze or Corrosive Haze at all times. It's easy to forget because it has a cooldown of 5 seconds, lasts 25 seconds on the target and only costs 25 mana. In addition to giving vision in the marked objective, it is a brutal physical damage amplifier, your right clicks and your Slithereen Crush or Sliding Crush will do a lot of damage.

There are heroes who have or thanks to some of their abilities grant a large amount of armor such as Dragon Knight, Sven, Timbersaw or Lich. So keep Slardar in mind when playing against armored heroes because it's a way to counter them. When you are chasing an enemy to hunt him with the Slithereen Crush or Slipper Splatter, consider the skill's animation time. If you are not close enough to the objective it will not impact you and you will have to wait for the corresponding recharge time to re-launch it. It is advisable to learn to cancel the animation if you know it will not happen.

Since the purging of the Diffusal Blade or Broadcasting Blade no longer works on oneself, Slardar comes great against heroes like Riki, Broodmother or any invisible hero who buys it, since Corrosive Haze or Corrosive Haze reveals invisibles. You have to be very careful with some heroes with low cooldowns or that dispel skills such as Oracle, Abbadon, Legion Commander and Slark as they can cancel one of your escape skills, Guardian Sprint.

Once we have the Dota 2 Boosting Cheap it is better to start on a target with two auto attacks so that we can stun it with our passive Bash and then chain with Slithereen Crush or Slipper Slap. Slardar has one of the highest armor statistics in level 1, as well as the second highest agility gain for a strength hero. However, it also has one of the worst intelligence and growth bases throughout the game. So you have to take this into account when choosing objects.
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