Training Sessions and planning

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Dietary plan: 86 x 22 x 1.1-1.3=2200-2500 kcals Carbs: 200-300 Proteins: 200 Fats: 50-75 spread over 3-5 meals.

1st block 3 weeks 3/week full-body.
Daily undulating intensity 10/5/3 reps (Lower/Back/Front) Day 1: L 10/B 5/F 3. Day 2: L 5/B 3/F 10. Day 3: L 3/B 10/F 5

28. April:
Squat: 8-10 Reps @8 until @9 is reached (4 sets of 90 kg) drop-set 10 kg AMRAP + rest-pause (80 kg 14+5 reps) (Was hoping my squats were 100 kg for 10 @8, not today )

Incline Bench: 1-3 reps @8 until @9 is reached ( 3 sets of 90 kg) drop-set 10 kg AMRAP + rest-pause (80 kg 5+2 reps) drop-set 20 kg AMRAP+rest-pause (60 kg 5+3 reps)

Seated rows: 4-6 reps @8 until @9 is reached (3 sets of 90 kg) Drop-set 10 kg AMRAP+rest-pause (80 kg 8+5 reps) drop-set 15 kg AMRAP+rest-pause (65 kg 12+5 reps)

(usually do a @9 top set and do a 4-6%/7-9% drop for my work sets, felt confident they were @8 and felt better working with that.)
(AMRAP's are more often used for qualifying, sometimes do them with working weights, just to be sure I'm perceiving my effort correctly. Today they were just extra volume, didn't want to do more work with heavier weights.)


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