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Golf can be said to be one of the most frustrating games. Whether it can be said that golf is a game of skill or a game of chance all depends. It depends on your skill Brandon Scherff Youth Jersey , talents and persistence. Golf can be said to be a game that to be played well takes a great amount of concerted effort to master. On the other hand just to be a social outing or a social sport one need not devote their whole life to the sport and passion of golf and golfing.

One of the most important parts of the game of golf and the sport of golfing is alignment ? that of making sure that you as a golfer, are properly aligned with your target line during your shot, Before you tee off, it is of vital importance that you have a more than exact idea of your landing area of your golf ball. Consider this important because you will find it helpful to picture your shot, in your mind?s eye before you actually hit the ball with the golf club of your choice.

Once you are at the point where you have determined your target, then position yourself to stand directly behind your golf ball and your target. Pick what might be called a ?secondary? target ? for example a given tree on the fairway, a divot or even some item as small as a brown colored leaf. The arbitrarily chosen ?second target? should be placed a few feet in front of your golf ball and can also be in line with your aimed target. The reason for this procedure all in all is that you will find that it is much easier to line up with an object close by rather than something or some location far away ? say 200 yards or more.

The next step will be a position where you will be ready to ?address the golf ball?. When you are at the stage of ?addressing? your ball it will be as if you will be trying to create a railroad track structure with your golf ball on the target track and your feet , knees, hips, shoulders and even your eyes parallel left of the target track ( in the case of right handed golfers.) If you need to visualize this whole setup better, you can lay clubs on the grass to create your railroad track structure. Place one club on the grass behind the ball aiming directly at your target, and place the other golf club down on the grass in form of your feet even touching your toes. When your two clubs work to create a perfectly balanced railroad track structure that can be said to be laid out in a perfectly parallel railroad track arrangement then you are ?properly aligned?.

Now that you are in a state of perfect ?golfing alignment? you will next need to make sure that your ball is placed correctly in your golfing stance. The ball position for normal shots on flat ground areas should be played slightly toward the center points. It can be said that the center refers to the middle point squarely between your two feet. This center point is the position that is usually going to get your clubs to be solidly square at impact and thus guide your golf ball along in the direction of your chosen target. It can be said that it is vitally important, to your golf game, your golf game and your consistent skill as a golfer to understand that this ball position applies to standard level terrain. The ball position in these terms does not apply to trouble shots or downhill lies.

Lastly in your correct alignment and golfing stance your golf ball will be in the perfect and correct position, your choice of golf club will affect the width of your stance ? that is how far your feet are placed apart. The general rule is to say that the longer the golf club, the wider your stance will be while always remembering that no matter how wide or narrow your stance is the golf ball position always stays the same in relation to your front foot.

Remember that the worst and most frustrating day at the golf course is always better than the best day at work.
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