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Always keep a bottle of Whiskey on hand for a little bit of liquid courage. Well, that Fallout 76 Bottle Caps and the +2 Strength and -1 Intelligence bonus. There are also foods, like the Deathclaw steak, that grant you another +2 bonus for Strength. If you don't have Whiskey or a handful of dead Deathclaws laying around you can always resort to wine, beers, or making soup out of the produce grown at your CAMP.

Meals like Firecap Soup (made from a plant that grows only in the wild) grant you an Energy Resist buffer. Glowing Fungus Soup (made from a plant that also only grows in the wild) grants you a Radiation Resist. Both of these soups are incredibly easy to make because you can find the ingredients everywhere. All it takes is one type of the plant, one boiled water, and one piece of wood. Most players who are using modified guns are shooting with radiation or energy rounds, so it's not a bad buff to keep on you for so little effort!

This one speaks for itself. Grab some of your friends, throw on your headsets, and get to work. The wastelands are significantly more dangerous when it's a pack of people hunting together. Designate your tanks, DPS, assassins, distractions, and healers. Divide the gear, conquer the wastelands.How do you go about getting the upper hand when you're playing against other players? Have you discovered a surefire way of making sure you're on the top of the leaderboards? Tell us in the comment section below, or shoot me a Tweet and tell me all about it! Go out there and survive, wastelanders! Collect some heads while you're at it, won't you?

While I did not particularly enjoy my time with Fallout 76, I was not expecting the critical and public reaction to it to be quite this harsh. Fallout 76 may be the highest profile release with the lowest review scores I can remember seeing in at least a decade, or really since metascores became a thing Buy Fallout 76 Caps. It’s Bethesda’s lowest rated game by a huge margin, it’s scoring worse than No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect Andromeda, vanilla Destiny and all those other big titles that were high profile critical disappointments at launch. It’s hovering around Duke Nukem Forever territory in terms of its scores, and the only “bigger” game I can see that has scored lower might be the barely functional Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013.
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