3 amazing looks to create with red lenses

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Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up or throw a thematic party to kick-start a fun weekend. Getting dressed up as your favorite character from a series or movie isn’t just limited to parties anymore, there are comic cons that are held annually where you can show off your costumes and your makeup skills.

Though costumes and makeup do play an important role in making you look as close as possible to the character, it is the use of colored contact lenses that seals the deal.

Red contact lenses have always been in vogue and here we share a few looks that you can create by wearing these lenses.

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The Twilight Vampires

Ever since the release of ‘The Twilight Saga’ movie series, getting dressed up as a vampire has changed dramatically. You don’t need to be extravagant or go over the top to look like your favorite vampire. All you need in your arsenal is your regular clothes, good makeup skills and a pair of red lenses to round off the look perfectly.

• Since vampires have pale and glowing skin, use a foundation that is not only two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, but also comes with a brilliance or luminance factor. Apply the foundation sparingly on your face and do not leave out your ears or neck. Use a circular motion to work it in.

• Use lavender eye shadow on your upper eyelid and use the same eye shadow to line the lower eyelid as well. Once you are done, top it off with a good coat of mascara.

• Use blood red lipstick to enhance your ‘vampire’ look. You can use fangs if you want to but these are optional.

• To complete your look, put on your red lenses and voila’ you are ready!

• Keep in mind that if you are imitating a ‘Twilight’ vampire, you’ll need to dress in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt as the vampires in the movie series had to blend in with the humans!

Billy Puppet from Saw

If you loved watching ‘Saw’, then you know who Billy puppet is! Getting dressed up as Billy puppet is not as difficult as it looks. You’ll need a white shirt, red bow tie and lots and lots of white and red paint!

• Prep up your face before applying the white paint. Use a sponge to apply the white paint thoroughly. Make sure you blend it in properly to create an empty canvas on your face.

• For Billy puppet, you’ll need dramatic black eyes. Use black eye shadow on your upper lids and blend it outwards. Use a lighter shade of grey on the outer edge of your eye socket all around and blend it inwards towards the eye. Your eye should look like as if somebody has punched it but instead of a purplish hue, there is grey and black.

• Use red paint to create whirlpools on the apples of your cheek. Finish off the look by putting on your red lenses.

• You can add a trike to create a more realistic look.

Put a Magic Spell on Everyone by Dressing Up as Voldemort
Dressing up as Voldemort from Harry Potter requires a bit of time and expertise but rest assured, every minute you spend in the makeup chair will be worth it.

Although, Voldemort in the movies did not have red eyes, in the books he had red, gleaming eyes so keep your red contact lenses ready to perfect this look.

• The first thing to do is to put on a bald cap. Seal down the edges and cut off any excess material.

• You will need a Voldemort foam appliance to create the eerie nose-less look. Seal the edges with an adhesive and lightly press along. You don’t want to flatten the foam appliance.

• You will need lots and lots of foundation to cover the entire face as well as the bald cap. Use a sponge and make sure you add layers and layers of foundation to create a thick-skin effect.

• Once you are done with the foundation, apply thin white makeup all over. Use a stiff brush to create texture.

• Use watered-down turquoise paint to create veins all over your head. Make sure you use a thin brush to do so.

• Use blush pink color to the lips and add the same color in eye shadow to the upper and lower eye-lids. Make sure to keep your hands light when applying the blush pink color. You don’t want to overwhelm it.

• Use dark grey shadow to fill the nostrils.

• To complete your look, put on your red lenses and cast a magic spell on everyone around you.
Dressing Up as Your Favorite Movie Character is Always Fun and with the Right Contact Lenses, You Can Bring Up your A-Game Bya Notch!


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    Yes, with the help of lenses and false eyelashes you can create a magical fantasy makeup. This is especially beautiful for various cosplay and role-playing games. Pay attention to the article which will help you learn how to glue eyelashes beautifully and naturally. Be creative in your images!