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How Technology Has Changed the Face of Logistics
Posted by raman010sethi on January 17th Axel Tuanzebe Manchester United Jersey , 2019

The rapid advancement of technology has radically transformed the way business is conducted. People are increasingly getting used to everything being available online and right at their fingertips for immediate access. These humongous changes have also changed the landscape of the logistics industry, be it trucking or transportation services, international transportation (ocean and air), supply chain management or shipment tracking.

Ways technology has impacted the logistics industry

Tracking with ease

In the past, people used to book shipments, get a tentative delivery date and they were left in the dark unless they decided to make a phone call. These days, internet and software advancements permit customers to track their shipments round the clock. This not only enhances the user experience but also saves time and money for the company. With a good shipment tracking system tailored for customers, one can monitor and manage their shipments with ease. It also features shipment notifications and messages, customizable reporting etc.

Increased connectivity with Internet

Some years back, it was almost unimaginable to think about traveling to unknown places by merely using your cellphone. These days, there are several devices with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors that can do anything. Easy access to the internet connects everyone to everything, which is why itís called the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT has opened up several opportunities for the supply chain and has also minimized costs and delays without the involvement of any kind of risk. Sensors are attached to cabs, cargo ships, trains, etc., and connected to an alarm system or dispatcher that is monitoring and tracking. The sensors in the vehicles of various logistics trucking services process and transmit the information to the crew and customers who in turn become aware of risks involved and also gain good insights. Hence, the IoT continues to impact the future of logistics, allowing for a more accurate in-transit visibility and delivery of goods.

Heightened GPS Accuracy

Gone are the days when people printed out directions from the computer before leaving their houses. Presently, almost everyone has access to GPS, be it an in-built one on their vehicles or their cellphones. These devices have become very accurate over the years that apart from assisting frustrated and lost drivers, these have also played a vital role in improving the supply chain. The high precision of GPS enables increased productivity and satisfied customers by tracking trucksí locations and improving hauls through access to updated traffic data.

Ease of communication through social media

Everyone is into social media platforms these days, and the strength of social media can easily be leveraged for the benefit of the logistics industry as a whole. These platforms have emerged as the easiest and most efficient way for companies to communicate with customers, conveying urgent information, industry news, and providing prompt responses to customer queries and concerns.

To stay competitive and to increase efficiency, it has become necessary to stay abreast with the latest technologies. The same applies to the logistics industry also, as it is benefiting immensely from the latest technology.

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