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Posted by LauraDerbyshire in Games on May 10th Stephan Lichtsteiner Jersey , 2018

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It芒鈧劉s big news when a favored medical treatment 芒鈧?HRT for menopausal women 芒鈧?is found to be harmful. But it芒鈧劉s no news to readers of Susun Weed. She芒鈧劉s been blowing the whistle on both scientific and alternative treatments of menopause for nearly two decades. As recently quoted in Newsweek Magazine, Susun maintains: 芒鈧揗enopause is not a 芒鈧減athology芒鈧劉, but a passage to power. Like puberty, menopause is a natural 芒鈧?and healthy 芒鈧?change. Wise women the world over herald menopause as a health-promoting event. They see hot flashes as 芒鈧減ower surges芒鈧劉 and menopause as an intense spiritual journey. Most treatments 芒鈧?including ERT, HRT, isoflavone, and progesterone creams 芒鈧?disrupt this process and can do severe damage to a woman芒鈧劉s health.芒鈧?P> Susun Weed, wise woman, herbalist, author, and mother, has been at the forefront of the natural menopause revolution for the past fifteen years. She plays with the fairies and her goats at her 55-acre homestead in New York芒鈧劉s Catskill mountains, where she coordinates events at the Wise Woman Center, including monthly moonlodge gatherings and a variety of healing workshops. She has dedicated her life to the reweaving of the cloak of the Ancients and to making the Wise Woman available to all women.


The energy aspects of menopause are of special interest to me.

As a long-time student of yoga, I was struck by the many similarities between menopausal symptoms and the well-known esoteric goal of "awakening of the kundalini." Though the ideas presented in this section may seem strange or difficult to comprehend, they contain powerful messages about menopause, which lie at the heart of the Wise Woman approach.

Kundalini [is] the root [of] all spiritual experiences ... Kundalini is a special kind of energy known in many cultures, including Tibetan, Indian, Sumerian, Chinese, Irish, Aztec, and Greek. Kundalini is said to be hot, fast, powerful, and large. It exists within the earth, within all life, and within each person. Psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung called kundalini anima. Kundalini is usually represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, but women's mystery stories locate it in the uterus - or the area where the uterus was, if a hysterectomy has occurred. During both puberty and menopause, a woman's kundalini is difficult to control and may cause a great number of symptoms.

East Indian yogis spend lifetimes learning to activate, or wake up, their kundalini. This is also called "achieving enlightenment". When they succeed, a surge of super-heated energy goes up the spine, throughout the nerves, dilating blood vessels, and fueling itself with hormones. As kundalini continues to travel up the spine, it changes the functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Not just in yogis, but in any woman who allows herself to become aware of it. Menopause is a kind of enlightenment. Hot flashes are kundalini training sessions.


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