if you won..

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If you were to win a large sum of money, where would you spend it? I would buy a new car!
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  1. Fiholo's Avatar
    It's an interesting question. To be honest I always wanted to buy a new house where I could live with my wife and kids. If I won a big sum of money in a casino I would definitely buy a new one. By the way, where do you play? I prefer playing free here. This is the most reliable site ever.
  2. BigMike33's Avatar
    Hi! If I will win what i gonna do.. Yes, for sure I can to do whatever i want) But firstly it will be a completely new house and car, some part I'll use to open my own business (coffee cafe or Pub) and travel, that's all what i need to be happy. When Best online casino reviews I will win their Jackpot my first sentense will be "Dreams come true") Best and fast luck to all of us.
  3. JohnDY's Avatar
    I love blackjack and slots.
    Updated 05-23-2019 at 12:51 PM by JohnDY
  4. fuiiso's Avatar
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  5. albert111's Avatar
    Interesting question, but honestly I dont know what I will do when I won. Maybe will go to world tour and visit all countries in the world, or maybe will buy cool house or expensive car...But for now the main question for me is what does the bible say about gambling , cause its important for life of every religious person like I am.
  6. Folik's Avatar
    I have thought about this issue many times and I can honestly tell you that I wanted to spend a certain amount on a beautiful world trip. This is the first thing I would do. The second would have acquired real estate and invested a sum of money in some investment fund.
    But until I won it, I found a way to try my luck. From time to time I visit site and play online slots Most often I get lucky there and I hope to fulfill my dream.
    Updated 06-27-2019 at 01:31 PM by Folik
  7. Hortiz's Avatar
    I would invest in a new flat