if you won..

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If you were to win a large sum of money, where would you spend it? I would buy a new car!
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  1. Fiholo's Avatar
    It's an interesting question. To be honest I always wanted to buy a new house where I could live with my wife and kids. If I won a big sum of money in a casino I would definitely buy a new one. By the way, where do you play? I prefer playing free here. This is the most reliable site ever.
  2. BigMike33's Avatar
    Hi! If I will win what i gonna do.. Yes, for sure I can to do whatever i want) But firstly it will be a completely new house and car, some part I'll use to open my own business (coffee cafe or Pub) and travel, that's all what i need to be happy. When Best online casino reviews I will win their Jackpot my first sentense will be "Dreams come true") Best and fast luck to all of us.
  3. JohnDY's Avatar
    I love blackjack and slots.
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