how to set up a stone quarry plant?

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Quarry crusher can meet the crude, medium and fine crushing of most ore resources. Because of its simple structure, stable performance and easy operation, it is widely used in various mining fields. The stone quarry crusher has adopted very advanced production technology and technology, combined with the company's many years of production experience. The jaw crusher has advanced structure, long service life and high production efficiency, which has been trusted and supported by many users at home and abroad.
In the production line, jaw crusher is commonly used when crushing equipment. This equipment is an earlier crushing equipment. Its structure is simple, installation and operation is very simple, crushing ratio is large, processing capacity is large, and output is high. In general, impact crusher and cone crusher are often used for medium and fine crushing. Sometimes hammer crusher can be configured according to the actual needs of users. The crushing equipment has good overall performance, stable and reliable operation, level coordination, simplified process, low energy consumption, low noise, less dust pollution, and good energy-saving and environmental protection effect. Of course, the auxiliary equipment in the crushing production line configuration is also very important. The commonly used equipment includes feeder, conveyor, screening machine and so on. The selection of specific equipment types and specifications requires users to combine with themselves. The actual situation is selected.

1. Crusher: The main equipment for processing bluestone is in the core position of a production line. According to the different requirements of hardness, raw ore size and material specifications of bluestone, jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher can be selected or combined.

2. Screening machine: responsible for the screening of finished stone. The finished products processed by crusher belong to mixtures. Screening machine is needed to screen different specifications of finished products.

3. Conveyor Belt: Link the equipment, take charge of material transportation, and decide to configure several conveyor belts according to processing requirements and site conditions.

Portable Stone Crusher:

Aggregate Crushing Machine:
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